Month: April 2017

Festival of coexistence at Bersivy 1 Camp

In cooperation with HARIKAR, the management of Bersivy 1 Camp had organized a festival of coexistence on the 18th of April, 2017. Several activities took place during that day. Many camp residents attended the festival as well as several organizations and agencies.  

A seminar on violence against women at Shekhan camp

In the presence of a number participants, a seminar on violence against women was given at Shekhan camp on the 18th of April, 2017. During the seminar, they spoke about the different types of violence and defending women’s rights. The seminar was made possible by WRO, in cooperation with the management of Shekhan Camp.


Wishing you a very “ÇARŞAMA SOR” with love and best wishes..May that Day brings lot of Happiness and peace and Serenity in your life.     ‏Ismaeel Mohammed Ahmed  Assistant Governor for Idps&Refugees Affairs  Chairman of BRHA