Month: January 2017

Two tents burned at Bersivy 1 camp

An electrical shortage was the cause for two tents at Bersivy 1 camp to receive substantial fire damage on the night of 30/01/2017. The good news is, that there were no casualties.  It’s worth mentioning that Bersivy 1 camp is located in the district of Zakho and was established in 2014. The camp contains about 1,911 families.

The opening of Zyan center in Duhok

In the presence of Ms. Laylan Mohamed Saalih, program manager at BRHA, Zyan center was opened in Malta Islam, Duhok. The center will be assisting people who are looking for jobs and will be organizing free language courses.

The Distribution of kerosene at Shekhan camp

In cooperation with the management of Shekhan IDP camp, the Directorate of Petroleum was responsible for the distribution of kerosene among the IDPs of Shekhan camp on the 30th of January, 2017. Every family has received 150 liters of kerosene and this the second time they receive kerosene.