The governor’s assistant had a meeting with the representatives of the Red Crescent

On the 29th of November, the governor’s assistant in IDP and refugee affairs, Mr. Ismail Mohamed Ahmed, met with two representatives of the Turkish and Iraqi Red Crescent. The governor’s assistant spoke about the circumstances of the IDPs and refugees in Duhok in general and made clear that a great burden rests on the province of Duhok and its population. After the start of the operation of Mosul, the region and especially the province of Duhok have seen an influx of IDPs coming from Mosul. They have made the necessary preparations to aid and assist the IDPs and the governor’s assistant made clear that more support is needed and requested this from the representatives of the Red Crescent (for the governmental agencies, especially  the health sector). The representatives promised to give some support to the camps of the IDPs from Mosul, like for example 250m tents and other necessities.

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