The American consul general in Hewler visited Mamliyan camp

On the 30th of June 2016, Mr. Ismail Mohamed Ahmed, the governor’s assistant in IDP and refugee affairs welcomed Mr. Matthias Mitman, the American consul general in Hewler. Mr. Maazn Mohamed, the mayor of Aqra was of those who were present.

At first the governor’s assistant spoke about the IDP and refugee camps in general, the amount of IDPs and refugees in the province of Duhok and the services BRHA is providing the IDPs and refugees with. After that they talked about the IDPs that will be coming from Mosul and the camps that will be built for the IDPs. The governor’s assistant made clear that the Iraqi government hasn’t fulfilled their role of supporting and aiding the IDPs and refugees that have come to Kurdistan. And he requested the International Crisis Group to help KRG more, especially because of the large amount of IDPs and refugees residing in Kurdistan and especially in the province of Duhok.

Mr. Matthias Mitman thanked KRG and the province of Duhok for the apparent role they have played in helping and supporting the IDPs and refugees. He also said that America is continuously supporting Iraq and Kurdistan and that in July of 2016 there will be a Conference on human affairs in America. During this conference humanitarian aid will be requested for the government of Iraq and Kurdistan. And after that he said that they will be supporting the people of the regions that have been freed, so that they can return to their homes.