A health center was opened at Rawanga camp

On the 28th of April 2016, a health center consisting of seven departments was opened at Rawanga camp. Of those who were present were, Mr. Ismail Mohamed Ahmed, the mayor of Semel, the german consul, the general director of health of the province of Duhok, the representatives of GIZ and MALTESER, the BARZAN charity foundation and others.

The health center has two sections. The general health section contains the following departments: “General health”; “Teeth”; “Skin”; “Mental health”; “Children”; “CT scan” and a laboratory. The Child birth section contains the following departments: “Disease diagnosis”; “CT scan” and two rooms containing eight beds for the sick. The health center will be providing services to about 14,700 residents of Rawanga camp.

The project was made possible under the supervision of BRHA and with the financial aid of GIZ. MALTESER and the directorate of health of Semel will be helping with the sick. WAHA will be helping at the Child birth section.