6 community centers handed over to Community development Directorate

Jan 30, 2020, in presence of Mr. Ismail Mohammad Ahmed Duhok governor’s assistant, Abdulsalam Madani Rawanga foundation director, Dr. Shirzad Duhok community development directorate director, and camps and NGOs managers, a contract was signed to hand over six community centers from Rawanga to Duhok community development directorate at Rixos Hotel.
In the ceremony camps, managers and the center’s staff received an honorary award for their cooperation and coordination in managing the centers.
“These 6 centers were managing by Rawanga in coordination with GIZ and funded by BMZ, and these centers are located in Sharya, Kabarto1&2, Bajidkandala, and Chamishku, as their main role is to support youth and running legal cases” Mr. Afram announced Rawanga Duhok, office director.