Board of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs in cooperation with Humanitarian partners provided assistances to Camps residents

Today Mr. Salim Sa’ed the media manager at BRHA for BRHA site said “BRHA in cooperation with partners has developed many services and activities” he continued and showed few of them.

first, on January 22, 2020, BRHA in coordination and cooperation with UNHCR and MoDM distributed assistances to camp resettlements.

second, MoDM in coordination with BRHA had ended the two phases of kerosine distribution of round one wherein 40lt were distributed in phase one and 50lt in phase two, which started on the 1st of Nov 2019.

third, It is scheduled that 23 Jan 2020, the second round will start at Dawudya camp, since Dawudya camp locates in the coldest district of Duhok governorate and 110lt will be distributing on IDPs families. In addition, MoDM with BRHA distributed food items to all IDP camps and this will cover the non-camp resettlements as well.

Furthermore, BRHA in coordination with UNHCR and QANDIL started the cash for kerosine program, as per the IDPs families received $200 and $400 will distribute to each refugee family.