Over 1,810 bases have been renovated and constructed in Domiz1 and Domiz2 refugee camps

On Nov 04, 2019, A delegation from Kuwaiti consulate in KRI and Kuwaiti Fund for development visited Domiz1 the refugee camp to open several projects that were implemented by Kuwait Fund for development.
The visit aimed to follow the progress of bases construction and renovation in Domiz1 and Domiz2 camps. “1,500 were renovated and 156 bases constructed in Domiz1 camp, in addition to 154 bases were built and 300 bases constructed in Domiz2 camp.” Salim Said Tahir announced.
The project costs $7 million at the expense of the Kuwait Fund for development. UNHCR is supervising the project in coordination with the Board of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs BRHA. The delegation took a tour around the camp and checked the rest of the projects that were implemented by the Kuwaiti government and promised for continuing their support for the Syrian Rojava Kurds.